People have opinions about everything and when it comes to recycling paper there are a lot of myths so here are 5 facts about recycled paper.

1. A tone of recycled paper creates 74% less air pollution, 34% less water pollution, 80% less C02 and uses 40% less energy than conventional paper.

2. The chemicals used to extract ink from paper are NOT toxic. Ink is removed using Sodium Hydroxide which is the main ingredient in soap and is also used commercially for washing fruit and vegetables.

3. Chlorine is NOT used to bleach recycled paper to make it look clean and white. Most recycled papers require little if any bleaching which if done uses hydrogen peroxide in most recycled and virgin fibre.

4. Recycled paper is NOT always more expensive. At first it was more expensive due to low level demand, but this is no longer the case. However this like any product will depend on the quantity and availability of the paper as buying a conventional recycled paper in bulk will be cheaper than smaller quantities of limited paper.

5. Recycled papers are NOT usually poor quality but this will depend on your supplier. Recycled paper has improved in the last 30 years with advances in technology, improving, sorting and increasing recycling rates. Now many recycled papers are now indistinguishable from virgin equivalents, not just in their performance, but in appearance as well.


– Keira


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