Pasties and Petticoats have won the South West Weddings Award in the Wedding Media Category. We would like to send a huge congratulations to Donna for her award which will take pride of place in the new Pasties and Petticoats office that she recently moved into on the 1st of March.

For us at Leap it is hugely rewarding to see our clients achieving great things and thriving as businesses. Donna came to us on the in January 2016 needing a website, branding, design for print and exhibition material as well as requiring our eco hosting package for websites, email accounts and so much more. She gave us a budget and a whole 12 days to do everything in time for a major wedding event launch, now we do prefer more time than this normally but Donna was so organised and responsive we of course fulfilled.

“Pasties & Petticoats has come a very long way in the past twelve months. Making the decision to make this my ‘job’ (I always feel like a fraud calling it that because I love it so much!) was the best thing I ever did. With a big re-brand and relaunch with a beautiful new website in January 2016, I’ve worked really hard over the past year to build my vision.”

“You really can’t underestimate the value of professional design and a properly built website, it’s made a huge difference to Pasties & Petticoats not just in how it looks, but in my own confidence in my business. My website *is* my business, so it needs to be great!”

—Donna Sharpe, Pasties and Petticoats

The creation of Pasties and Petticoats and Donna’s channeled passions have a rapid return on investment in design as well as winning an award for the site and how Donna works. The site gets over 100k hits a month and is included in the 50 Best UK wedding Bloggers for 2017!

As with all our websites that we design and build is a fully Carbon neutral eco hosted site.


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