Best of Goodfest 2022

Wowee, that was rather good. Still processing the head spinning amount of learning, inspiration, positive energy and meaningful conversations – you know the ones where you have to go away and ponder for a while afterwards to put your blown mind back together and decide where you go from here.

Thankfully, in between being swung from discomfort zones and sobering stats to exhilarating ideas for progress and belly laughs, there were also spaces for pause, reflection, poetry and sea swims to connect with ourselves, each other and the ridiculously beautiful surroundings of Mawgan Porth.



Goodfest was co-founded by Leap’s founder Matt Hocking and as co-organisers, it is part of our community change and Grant For Good work. Immense gratitude to all the brilliant people who made this year’s Goodfest such a joy – speakers, workshop facilitators, attendees, partners and sponsors*, our co-organisers and the fantastic staff at the Bedruthan Hotel.

A few golden nuggets

Jelle Mul from Patagonia speaking at Goodfest 2022

Patagonia’s Jelle Mul reminded us and businesses to keep ‘Doing the right thing’. That the thinking of one person, or sometimes a group, can drive real change. He urged us as communicators to give people the opportunity for action.

And ‘Unless you’re a tomato – a sustainable product doesn’t exist’.

We also learned that Patagonia has a bail-out fund for employees arrested during protests or in acts of civil disobedience.

The audience gathers outside for a session at Goodfest 2022

The brilliant Dan Burgess with his beautiful words invited us to step into service. To transform from passengers to becoming the crew on spaceship Earth.

He then asked us to go sit somewhere in nature for 20 minutes – good stuff will happen. It did!

Our very own Simon Thomason brought us outside, got our feet in the sand and eyes on the horizon, tuning into Mordros – the sound of the sea – and taught us how to use nature to bring clarity and action. He took us through exploring our interaction with nature not just as a playground but as a sounding board, retreat, optimism gauge, safe space, mediator, and place to make big decisions.

Ben Akers talked human sustainability and gave us the question ‘How are you out of 10?’. Such a simple tool for getting past ‘fine’ and really checking in with someone.

Helen Taylor from Ecotricity shared the story of buying a football club, turning it green and the vegan restaurant and veggie burger brand that came after.

We need to listen, support and include young people in top level decision making. They are facing the biggest consequences of climate change – Verel Rodrigues and Amelia Crews.

Amelia Crews and Verel Rodrigues speaking at Goodfest 2022

‘Most wealth holders want to do well and do good’. Amy Clarke and Nick Stoop spoke about bringing values and emotions back into finance. The word wealth, which in old English, also referred to wellbeing. How to green your money and the importance of ethical pensions.

The formidable Emma Stratton and Manda Brookman asked us to ‘Be positively deviant’, to collaborate, not compete. To see discomfort as a gift because ’We only move when it becomes more uncomfortable to stay than to move’.

And they left us with ‘Be careful but not TOO careful’.

‘Poverty comes before climate’. John Brown from Don’t Cry Wolf called out the privilege of worrying about climate change. We need to address poverty before we can expect to bring the climate crisis to the top of the agenda.

Oh, and don’t vote with your money, vote with your f***ing vote.

Humanising our systems and making sure all voices are heard will make our workplaces better for everyone. It’s not enough to invite someone to speak, you have to welcome them, listen to them, and validate their voice by taking action. Trust is built through action. – Ayan Said

Lastly, the one and only Mark Shayler: ‘Dance more. Love More.’

Some voices from the crowd

So much good stuff happened at the Goodfest this year! I am buzzing with positive energy! In the past 48 hours, brilliant minds, all in one place, soaking in the goodness and celebrating creativity, sustainability and discussing accessibility affordability and authenticity. Great talks, great vibes, great food, great walk and many great sea swims in the best location.Vineeta

Post event drinks at Goodfest 2022

Goodfest was BRILLIANT! Still very much processing a jam-packed, fun, inspiring, delicious couple of days in beautiful Cornwall. Thanks to the awesome team who organised this mega event, and to all the brilliant speakers/workshop facilitators who contributed with their energy & wisdom.Fiona

I feel like I’ve needed to detox over the weekend to process everything that happened at Goodfest. It was so humbling to be in a room full of such amazing minds and people. I was made to feel uncomfortable by the hard facts, pushed outside of my comfort zone, inspired beyond belief and ultimately left optimistic but empowered.Georgie

These last 2 days at #GF22 were challenging (new tribe, new narrative, different perspectives), joyous (such palpable passion and kindness, and by the sea!) & a great privilege to be part of.

I learned. I felt myself grow through stimulation, collaboration (‘Co-labour’ as I now know it), discomfort, laughter & reflection.Anita

The future, Amelia Crews and Verel Rodrigues telling us how they feel about the climate crisis. It’s so powerful. We must include young people in all decisions moving forward.Simon

What a privilege it has been to be able to take a few days out of the studio and bring the team to Goodfest . It’s been a wild ride of emotion, inspiration and connection.Jay

Words will not be able to truly describe the experience I had at Goodfest last week. Such a wonderful community of people gathered in the most gorgeous setting.Josephine

My first Goodfest and I loved every minute. I came away feeling an overwhelming sense of the need to act and feeling connected to a powerful community of informed, inspirational individuals. John Brown’s talk beautifully articulated something I feel passionate about, which is figuring out how we pull everyone into the conversation (from beyond the echo chamber) and don’t leave anyone behind.Helen

I loved Dan Burgess’ quote ‘what happens through you?’. It made me feel very empowered to be present and help things happen through me.Ioana

Post event gathering at Goodfest 2022

Accessibility, Affordability and Authenticity

The theme for this year was Accessibility, Affordability and Authenticity.

Those are some big words to take on and it was really great to see how the different speakers and workshops approached the theme.

How can we address opening the climate space and conversation up to include those that feel left behind, judged or excluded? Like Emma Stratton did when she brought landowners and people facing home insecurity together in a room. Like John Brown said – the challenge is to make green futures inclusive. Like Ayan Said’s focus on humanising systems and making sure everyone has a voice.

One of this year’s talks highlighted the importance of investing in our own knowledge, and the learnings, hope and inspiration we have come away with after Goodfest 2022 will feed into our work and personal lives long after packing up and saying ‘until next time’.

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The Sustainable Creative Charter

Jelle Mul at Goodfest 2022

At last year’s Goodfest we co-created The Sustainable Creative Charter . Thank you to all the people and organisations who made the commitment and signed the charter this year, including PatagoniaEcotricityForest Green Rovers and Sea Shepherd.

The Sustainable Creative Charter is open for anyone who wants to take the pledge.



*Shout-out to Don’t Cry WolfCornwall Marine NetworkAdventure Film FestivalBrake the Cycle , Adventure Uncovered  and C Fylm