Boardroom 2030

cornwall boardroom 2030 will take place at the eden project

We are living and working through a period of intense and rapid change. The world of the near and medium-term future will not look like the world does today, and therefore the systems and ways of operating that our societies have been relying on for years, unchanged, are not fit for the future coming our way. Governments, businesses and individuals all need to change the way that they work and it is arguably the responsibility of the business world to leverage its power and influence to accelerate the action required; governments have proven themselves to be too slow, and it is wrong to put the responsibility on individuals, particularly those from the communities who will be most impacted.

“The world 10 years from now will look very different from today as we undergo the profound impacts of climate change. The recent IPCC Report has made it clear this is an urgent and perilous moment for humanity, and we need to harness the full force of our collective innovation, ingenuity and creativity to unlock the exponential solutions needed for the many challenges at hand.”
Nigel Topping, the UK’s UNFCC High Level Climate Action Champion

Businesses need to be making decisions now based upon the world that they will be operating in several years from now. The era of “business as usual” and year-to-year planning has passed. Boardrooms need to change.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
– Chinese Proverb

What is Boardroom 2030?

Boardroom 2030 is a campaign created by B Lab UK inviting businesses to explore and model what a 2030 future might look like for them, and draw attention to the changes that need to be made today to prepare for a better tomorrow. It is about engaging with stakeholders and broadening the range of experiences and expertise that businesses can draw on and learn from when making decisions.

Bodyshop’s Boardroom 2030 activation at COP26 in Glasgow.

Join us at Cornwall Boardroom 2030

On Tuesday April 26th 2022, businesses from across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have the opportunity to come together and to look to the future at the first county-level event of its kind in the UK. Taking place at The Eden Project and facilitated by Charlotte Sewell, attendees will explore how inviting new voices to the boardroom can shake up decision-making and how thinking differently can help organisations to act boldly to unlock a better future. The day promises to be energising, interactive and impactful, and will feature talks from business leaders who are already benefiting from broadening the diversity and perspective of their boards. These pioneers are listening to the voices of young people and involving employees, customers, suppliers and their local communities in conversations about tackling challenges.

How to support and attend Cornwall Boardroom 2030

If your business would like to be a sponsor of Cornwall Boardroom 2030, please contact: [email protected]. Sponsorship comes with team tickets and the opportunity to have a visible business presence at the event (in the form of a stand, banner, and so on). Cornwall Boardroom 2030 is hosted and supported by Eden Project, Boardroom2030, B Lab UK and Cornish B Corps Wildwest, Consciam, Origin, Flexihex, Ward Williams Associates and Leap, alongside Truro & Penwith College and Spaceport Cornwall.

Click here to book your ticket.

Tickets include lunch and entry to Eden Project after the event, and you are invited to pay what you can afford (recommended is a minimum of £20-25 to cover food and drink – if you can afford more it would be hugely appreciated to help cover both event costs and entrance for those who cannot afford the suggested price).