Boosting mood, shape and confidence

Boost believe that breast forms don’t have to be beige.  The fact that breast forms ordinarily attempt to imitate skin tones is in itself problematic, so why not offer wearers more choice that allows them to express their own style and joy through colour and pattern?  They want to break the taboos surrounding breast forms and turn something that people “just get on with” to something people will enjoy, and have won design awards for their product in the process.

Leap worked with Boost to update their website, optimising the design to have the lightest carbon footprint possible and moving hosting to our carbon neutral Wunderism servers.  Opening now generates just 0.28g of CO2 at the viewer’s end, representing a significant reduction in its impact on the planet. We also worked with Boost to develop the user experience and interface of a virtual fitting app, allowing their community of users to select the right size remotely. 

“Working with Leap has supported Boost to make two vital steps forward.
Firstly, Leap’s carbon neutral web hosting is an important element
within our Sustainability Policy. We embed circular design and low waste
process within our breast form manufacturing, so continuing our
commitment to environmental change via our website was really important
to us. Not only have Leap delivered this, but working with them has
educated us further about the CO2 footprint of digital technology, which
in turn helps us to educate others.
Secondly, the team at Leap have helped us set up our first online store,
which has enabled us to reach customers with our breast form products.
Usefully, Leap have worked closely with us so that we can be empowered
to take ownership of our website and ecommerce, offering the support we
needed to become confident to develop our own ecommerce destiny.”

– Samantha Jackman, co-founder, Boost

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