Climate Emergency Declaration

We formally recognise the urgent threat faced by humanity and officially declare a Climate Emergency. We urge you to do the same.

climate strike

Declaring a Climate Emergency and acknowledging its economical impacts commits us to developing a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’, publishing a board resolution and annually reporting on progress.

The plan’s action points must be in line with what is needed to reach net zero between 2025-2050 and keep us within the critical 1.5 degrees global mean temperature increase.

We Declare A Climate Emergency logo

Because Leap has been working at net zero or better since 2006, we will be sharing best practices with others to help them achieve the same.

The scientific consensus is clear. We have run out of time and must act now, together. We urge you to join us in declaring a climate emergency and ecological breakdown, to reduce your impact on the planet, and use your business to help stem and turn the tide.

We designed the above logo so that businesses could visibly show their declaration.

Business Declares

We also helped design and build the business declares website as well. Matt was one of the founding partners and joined them outside parliament in Sep 2019 when it was launched. Please show your support and sign up now.