Grant for Good

Every year we donate time and creative energy to worthy causes by investing at least 5% of Leap’s turnover to environmental and social projects through pro-bono hours. This is our Grant for Good.

grant for good blurred

Some years we offer our design for change skills to multiple projects and in other years we focus on a single recipient; sometimes the Grant for Good covers the entirety of a project’s costs, and for other projects it may cover a portion of costs and act as a discount-in-kind.

If your charity, foundation, project or business has a positive environmental or social purpose, and you’re looking to commission design, branding, or web work in 2022, then it could be eligible and we’d love to hear from you.


If you’d like to talk to us about your work, and how we might be able to put our design for change skills to good use for you using our Grant For Good, then please email [email protected].