Is it too late to save the planet?

It has been confirmed, we are on the brink of killing our planet.

We’ve all seen the news, scientists naming this the final call after findings in the IPCC report, one of the most important reports on rising temperatures issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, outline the extensive rise in global temperatures.

The challenge of avoiding catastrophic climate breakdown requires “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”, according to a new IPCC report.

Now more than ever, we – citizens of this planet – are forced to rethink our impact and behavioural habits that are having an enormous negative impact on the environment. Crucial changes need to be made – and fast – in order to keep the rise of global warming under 1.5C instead of the alarming 3C we are heading towards.

Despite the chaos, there is still a small window of opportunity. Alongside political representatives from around the world, influential businesses, environmental leaders and scientist, experts and the IPCC acknowledges the role individuals can pay to create a thriving, sustainable future.

The power of people

Being a design studio for change, we are proud to create purpose-driven collaborations to show awareness around social & environmental issues – some of which have been shared nationally with the likes of our creative input for Surfers Against Sewage ‘Plastic Free Communities’. Supplementary to being a sustainable studio, we are also a B Corporation accredited business which is made up of for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.B Corporations meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

leap changemakersTo help simplify easy ways you can lower your impact, we asked a few members of the Leap team for their top tips on how to save the world.

Nath | Senior Designer

Sustain and improve habitats for wildlife. Plant wild flowers and make bug hotels. If you don’t have a garden, pee whilst showering to save water.

Corey | Web Developer

Car share to work to cut down on emissions, try to use public transport to places or walk if the distance is short enough.

Claire | Studio Manager

Buy fewer things and consume less! For example, reducing the amount of clothes you buy, and reusing pre-existing garments.

Imogen | Content Creator

Switch to renewable energy wherever possible or create your own energy by opting for solar panels. By changing your electricity and gas to the likes of Cornish energy provider, Good Energy – you can reduce your carbon footprint thanks to their cleaner, greener energy.

How we can help

If you want to create a campaign for change, we’d love to help! Here at our eco-design studio we have oodles of experience creating powerful prints (using only recycled FSC certified paper & vegetable based inks) to draw attention around important social & environmental issues.

On the contrary, if you’re looking to set up, or already own a planet saving website – we can help draw in more visitors by designing & developing your site. We can even get you set up on our carbon neutral hosting service, greening up your site and drastically reducing your digital footprint.

Struggling to communicate the purpose behind your business? We can help with that too! Through our purpose consultancy service  we can help you to understand, develop,  communicate and market the ‘whys’ behind what you do and what you’re aiming to achieve.

All of this (plus more) under one design studio!

Get in touch today to see how we can help you 01726 75551 / [email protected]

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