Leap Day 2024 – 24 hours of impact

"Leap day, 24 hours of impact" surrounded by achievement badges

It’s not every month that you’re given an extra day. With its very on-brand name, we got to talking about how we could make the most of those bonus hours of LEAP day. Taking action for the things we care about is what drew many of us to working at Leap. We decided to come together around the challenge of completing 24 positive impact actions for the wellbeing of planet and people. What could we achieve in 24 hours?

It’s tempting to always ‘go go go’ but actually, taking the time out to re-energise and have a change of scenery is sometimes the most productive thing you can do.

Share a meal

We kicked the day off with a shared breakfast to set us up for the day and check in with each other after what had been an intensive few days in the studio.

breakfast spread

Ideate together

Creative problem solving is what we do. To smash open the everyday barriers, we dived into a workshop exercise generating ideas for brands with specific creative outputs and fights worth fighting. After an hour we had a table full of Cannes worthy campaign starters for brands like Mooncup, Gucci and Octopus Energy (get in touch if you want in!).

team around table with post-its on

Tidy desk, tidy mind

Next up, a studio spring clean to make room for exciting things to come. We had some books and art materials that were ready for a new home. At the end the space felt lighter, brighter and energised. And we had two boxes of things to donate to charity.

people cleaning and sorting books in an offfice

Care for trees

After a quick lunch, a few of the team were off to meet Leap friend, Carl from Plant One Cornwall and lend a hand with caring for saplings in their budding new woodland. We learnt about the temperate rainforest that once covered much of Britain and how Cornwall is now the least tree covered area in all of Europe. But there is lots of work happening to bring back more of the Celtic rainforest with both planting and protecting existing forests.

people supporting tree saplings in a field

Beach Clean

Beach cleaning is a never ending job in Cornwall. We swept Flushing beach and found about two half full bin liners worth of rubbish — fragments of plastic, ropes, styrofoam, packaging etc. And were rewarded with a double rainbow.

beach cleaning on a sunny pebbly beach

Take a plunge

Thanks to the ice bath bros, I think we’re all aware of the power of cold water on body and mind. We finished our day of team actions with a chilly but sunlit dip that definitely blew any remaining cobwebs out of the system.

two people walking into the ocean off a small beach

All action no distraction

Outside of the time we spent together on LEAP day, the team also committed to carry on the actions all throughout the 24 hours.

There was lots happening:

  • Things were mended and fixed
  • Leftovers meal cooked
  • A donation to Skate Like a Girl
  • Two yoga/meditation sessions
  • Lots of email list unsubscribing
  • Letter written to MP about special needs education
  • Lecture on circularity inspiring the next generation
  • Stargazing and remembering our part in a giant ecosystem
  • Creating in opposition to consumption
  • Reflective journaling
  • Checking in on people to see how they are
  • Sustainable swaps like – rags for paper towels and shampoo bars over liquid
  • Keeping our things alive – seasoning cast iron, de-fizzing jumpers, conditioning shoes, ski maintenance etc.
  • Neighbourhood litter pick

And more!

As well as our own goings on, we were chuffed to see others joining in too . While we chose to focus on Leap day, the ideas on our list are good on any day, feel free to make a copy if you want.

list of impactful actions

Now back to designing brands that matter, changing hearts and minds, building websites and kick-ass purpose strategies with renewed vigour. Let’s go.