Here at Leap we are incredibly lucky to have such a broad range of quality clients, partners and friends, all of whom the team work tremendously hard to satisfy with our amazing talents, commitment and passion for both people and planet.

After a productive day at the studio, planning and implementing some of Cornwall’s most stand-out designs, unique prints, and eco-friendly campaign collaborations – we sometimes find ourselves with little time to shout about the creative portfolio of work created between both the team and clients.

That’s why, to help give the world a glimpse into life at Leap, the team have welcomed myself (Imogen) as their newest member of the creative crew to help share stories, support the team and create killer content for Leap and clients in the near future.

My Experience

A self-described creative chamelon with a degree in Journalism and experience in digital marketing, SEO, copywriting and social media management. When I’m not writing fresh, engaging content for clients, I develop and manage my own personal projects including blogs and networking sessions for female entrepreneurs.

My Mission

Over the next 12 months, find me taking over Leap’s social channels with team updates, project previews and news with an impact, as well as populating the weekly newsletter and writing on our studio blog which you can follow here.

Quick Round-Up

My biggest career achievement…  it would have to be a toss up between my time interning at VICE or being a finalist in an Environmental Entrepreneur competition (and of course now working at a company that was voted the Best for The World Workers 2017 – winning!).

One thing I couldn’t live without… self-love, it’s all about self-love *gives myself a big hug*

Outside of work you will find me… being the girl boss of my own personal female-empowering website, planning my next travels around the world and being a full-time dog mum to my Staffordshire Bullterrier cross breed, Cooper.

If I could change one thing in the world it would be… that no matter the person’s background, gender, race or age, everyone should be allowed equal opportunities. And of course, world peace.

Get In Touch

Be sure to follow my words on leaps social channels (@Leapness) and blog. If you are interested in collaborations or need a talented wordsmith to help with your project, drop me a message at [email protected].


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