As an apprentice I have to balance work and college. Going to work 5 days a week and college once a fortnight to complete my Level 3 NVQ in marketing.

I previously went to Truro College and studied A levels so I have had the full college experience but this is totally different. Here we aren’t at the main campus, were studying a single subject, the classes are much smaller and the days are longer. But it’s somehow more enjoyable.

We are in a small class of 8 with an age range of 17-23 in all different industries from construction to stationary. Then there is me within the charity and design sectors which are completely different in their own right. Despite this our work has crossovers and similarities but it’s nice to get a fresh perspective at the same time.

Most of the work is done outside of the class room, powering through those lengthy and boring assignments and revising for exams. I say ‘powering through’ because sometimes it is the case where you just have to sit down for an entire day and churn out over 3,000 words hitting all the different criteria under each question trying to pick up as many marks as possible. The saddest part of these assignments is when it says this should take you 2 hours which isn’t too bad but this should never be trusted. In reality it takes twice as long as you try to understand the poorly worded questions that don’t make sense. Before doing each assignment I go through and re write the question so I’m actually able to answer it and in cases where it’s a lost cause I ask someone else to clarify.

This is where our group chat comes in, although it is about 70% banter and 30% work. We do use this to go discuss assignments and exams as well as get ideas and feedback from a fresh perspective but at the same time it’s important not to be all business and no pleasure. The balance might not be equal but if you look at it from this angle then the more banter then the less confusion with the assignment.

As every student knows that no matter what, the conversation will always revolve around who has and who hasn’t done the assignment. The reassurance that you’re not the only one will always satisfy your conscience. Until your mind steps in and realises that your procrastinating has made life a little more difficult and you have twice as much work to do in less time.

And time is the enemy you’re left always wanting more but unlike a cake you cannot just create time when you want. And no matter how many times you watch doctor who time travelling is not reality so you just have to deal with what you have. Of course the sacrificing of sleep could buy you a little more time for work but you might regret the consequences from this. (Post 8)

– Keira


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