Within my role there are times when we meet and discuss sensitive subjects with colleagues and young people, who have either been through or helped someone through a difficult time. I haven’t been directly affected by an eating disorder however I know of a friend of a friend has experienced this.

An eating disorder whether this is Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge eating or purging is a serious mental health issue.  But they are often brushed off and consumed by a world of stigmas.

The workshop I took part in through leap lasted around 2 hours. We talked about eating disorders, experiences, language, culture and social media influences. Before moving onto the more creative part to co-design and share ideas and thoughts about possible design ideas revolving around the brief. With a persona and a budget we came up with a range of ideas for possible print and web ideas that would engage and encourage young people to access services. Drawing inspiration for fonts and imagery from books, magazines and existing campaigns. We started to build a style and language the campaign would have as well as developing colour combinations by using numerous pantone colour books. Striving away from tradition media and creating more interesting and engaging documents with small amounts of text, vibrant colours and imagery. Appealing to 8-18 year olds and ensuring a higher probability of being picked up and read.

This was yet another socially responsible, eye opening day with Leap, Young People Cornwall, Kernow Health CIC and Caxton Communications who invited us to join Zoe for this workshop to help with branding and design for print.

– Keira


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