Being eco is central to Leap, it’s what they believe in. This knowledge is shared with each employee and as I spend more time here I understand more and more about their environmental solutions and reasoning.

From school you gain a basic understanding of some of these principles but there often too focused on the recycling part of being environmentally friendly. However just because you recycle doesn’t mean that you’re environmentally friendly, there is so much more to it than that and it’s forever evolving.

Yes recycling helps but using the recycled paper you have contributed too would help even more.  For every tone of recycled paper 74% less air pollution, 34% less water pollution, 80% less CO2 and 40% less energy is produced and used. At leap we recycle 100% of our paper which works out at over 60kg of paper and card each year and Use FSC certified Papers consisting of 100% recycled material for all printed material so imagine the impact we’ve had over the years.

We also use vegetable based inks for our printing. Conventional printing inks are created using crude oil and are petroleum-based containing alcohol solvents which emit VOCs and polluting the atmosphere. These release up to 40% VOCs whereas vegetable inks emit around 4%. They also have the added benefit that vegetable inks can be removed from paper much more easily than conventional inks which leads to less energy being used in the recycling process.

But like I’ve said it’s not all about recycling even if as a business you go paperless this still isn’t enough as computer servers contribute to 2% of the planets CO2 emissions which may seem low but this is the same amount as the airline industry or a medium sized country such as Germany.  And this is with only 40% of the population having access to the internet. So whilst you may think being a completely online business you have little effect on the environment this is in fact not the case. This is why we use good energy as our energy supplier who provides Leap with 100% renewable gas and electric.

And we’re not the only ones to be striving for good. Even google is now moving further towards environmental solutions with a goal to become carbon neutral. To achieve this they created a separate company ‘google energy’ which has invested over $350m in solar, $100 million in wind and $20m in Makani energy.


– Keira


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