Continuing on. This time with the Mid Cornwall Youth Parliament Q&A session which should have been called the Mid Cornwall Youth Parliament debate.

The idea of this session was to talk about each other’s manifestos and ask any questions. Starting off with their manifestos these included issues around:

  • Poverty
  • School meals
  • Transport for young people
  • The environment and sustainability
  • Jobs for young people
  • 16 & 17 year olds having the ability to vote
  • The amount of funding Cornwall schools get
  • Mental health and it’s treatment centres

All of which have their own importance and appeal to different groups of people. Each of the candidates are very passionate and not afraid to challenge each other which between the ages of 13-17 I would not have seen myself doing.  It quickly turned into a debate with people jumping in from all angles to challenge with their views and sometimes agree with what was being said. Now being on the outside it was easier to understand what was going on. Despite all the debating not once did this get too heated or did anyone loose respect for one another. They understood that not all of them would agree over the same issues, they’re very different people from different areas with backgrounds and are of different ages.

The session was good practice for what they could face if elected especially having to deal with questions and requests from the young people electing them. William, Kieran, Josh, Samuel, Robin and Rebecca are all campaigning for votes to get across their views, but at the same time are listening and take on board any of your requests. With the elections next week I suggest you take a look at their manifestos and decide for yourself who to vote for and we will announce soon who you’re elected members are.

All I can do now is to wish them luck “and may the odds be ever in your favour” -Effie Trinket


– Keira


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