When people ask what I do for a job I usually say it’s complicated, but here goes.

I am a marketing and communications apprentice employed by Penwith Community Development Trust to work on the Your way project. This involves four other organisations, Young People Cornwall, Volunteer Cornwall, The learning Partnership, Kooth and Xenzone. However I am based in Leap also working with the team one day a week.

That’s a lot of people to familiarise myself with and I would be lying if I said I haven’t got people’s names wrong.

So each week I work for 6 different organisations, which has its difficulties. Being pulled from all different directions and not always who exactly to deal with is interesting.  I am constantly checking my inbox for work, clarification and feedback, trying to do the best I can with everything.

Within the complication there are a vast number of opportunities to be involved in. For example I recently met, spoke to and shook hands with The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge. As well as the palace press through Young People Cornwall. I’m sure of which not many would be able to say they have done. Posting via Twitter and Facebook about the visit as well as observing the way the media and press worked and carried themselves during the day was a valuable learning experience.

Like a sponge one of my main objectives is to soak up as much as possible.

– Keira


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