Take over day is where we shadow professionals in their work place. Which might sound a little daunting but it isn’t.

For me Trisha Hewitt, the Corporate Comms Manager for Cornwall council and the rest of the marketing /design team within the council were showing me the ropes. Honestly I thought I would end up being bombarded with a tone of information, forgetting most of it but this was not the case.

The only interaction I have had with people from here was when I would walk past on my way to college. At around lunch time when there was practically a Congo line going across the road too Sainsbury’s. Which was always fun to navigate through.

I signed into the lobby of the Council building and met Trisha Hewitt and Andrew Wallis (the Cabinet Member for Young People) in the lobby. The council building may look big from the outside but when inside you soon realise its sheer size. With long corridors and big open offices filled with desks from a variety of different departments over many floors.

Andrew invited us to go and listen in on radio interviews he was doing. In this room there was an ISDN which they explained to me allows you to make quality radio interviews without going into a studio. The broadcaster will dial the system and you can be on-air in seconds. You can talk to people all over the country. I put on a set of headphones and listened in on what they had to say. In my right ear was Andrew’s voice and in the left was the Woman from the radio station in Bristol.

Sitting down in the marketing department, I talked to Shirley Northey, Louise Hart and Peter Holt. Here I not only learnt about them but brought my ideas to the table, sharing my knowledge. Louise (the Corporate Comms Specialist) and I talked about social media. Their pages get lots of interaction it just may not be the right sort. People voice their opinions on everything and reading through some of the comments I can’t help but laugh, it is clear to see who has read an article and has a genuine opinion and the others who are clearly complaining for the sake of it.

Across the room were the design and web teams. Always with an array of colours,shapes, numbers and fonts on their computer screens. Which brings me to Davinia Grist (the Marketing and Design Lead). She showed me the work they have been doing to condense information and make it more creative and visually pleasing but still informative.

Coming to the end of the day, with people heading home the last thing for me to do is thank everyone, sign out and head home.

Despite what many people think about the council and the work they do, this was a valuable experience. I now have a better understanding and insight into what they do and the amount of work put into each job. It was less like shadowing and more like a long meeting, being treated as if I was a colleague.

I might just take them on their offer to go back and spend some more time with members of the team, across the departments. As well as the ability to pick up the phone and talk to someone if I need anything.




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