So I’ve hit the half way mark but unlike a battery I’m not running out of energy or slowing down in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’m taking on more projects and coming up with new ideas and creatives for the Your Way service.

Hitting any milestone often forces you to reflect and this being my first time as an apprentice within a world I had no experience and had very little knowledge in before truly made me acknowledge how far I have come and what  I have learnt. But It’s not only about looking back but looking forward to determine what you have done and what you want to do. For me the next 6 months will be the busiest as I implement my marketing strategy and continue to evolve myself alongside the service.

I’m in a very unique situation where I get to pick up knowledge in design, events, youth work and more across the different organizations under the Your Way Project as well as the marketing from my college course. Sometimes I can be bombardment with information from all different directions but I’ve learnt to take what I need from this and bench the rest for another time, never disregarding any as I could use this at a later date.

Being this far in I have a lot more responsibility and creative influence than I did before. Having the ability to propose new projects, ideas and directions. This can be as simple as running the social media accounts to helping design the website and content or proposals to get more funding. I still asking for help when needed as there’s always more to learn but I do get to work more independently on some projects which when successfully completed is highly rewarding.

So what’s next? Well if I were to sit here and list everything it would take a while and I don’t know if you would even be interested in this but my main focus for now will be the Your Way Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube which you should all go follow.

As for what happens when I finish my apprenticeship well you’ll have to wait and see.


– Keira


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