You know it’s winter when the trains are delayed. Also by the fall in temperatures and pressing darkness but mainly the train delays.

I rely on public transport to commute to work and back and there is nothing worse than leaving work and walking to the train station to find out that there is a delay by 30 minutes or an hour. Which I am sure happens on the worst days when it’s either freezing cold or hammering down with rain. I usually arrive on the platform as the train should be arriving to avoid standing on the platform too long, but then I’m still stood there trying to retain as much heat as possible.

Checking the train times would make life easier but the site either crashes or I forget. Making me partially responsible I suppose.

However I come prepared, practically carrying around a survival kit to make the experience as painless as possible. I’ve learnt it’s important to pack extra. Extra clothing e.g.  gloves, scarf or a coat. Extra food & drink. Extra charge e.g. a power bar, nobody wants their phone dying on them, and finally money with the potential to get a bus home quicker, which is highly unlikely due to the traffic.

Well I guess this officially makes me a complainer.

– Keira


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