I find that I say yes everything without fully understanding what it’s about but it sounds interesting and different so I give it a go.

In this case I got on board with the youth parliament working with the candidates on their manifestos and campaigns. I didn’t really know what the youth parliament was so I asked my good friend google and it replied:

‘The UK Youth Parliament provides opportunities for 11-18 year olds to use their elected voice to bring about social change through meaningful representation and campaigning’

Now that we have the understanding out of the way it’s on to the role I play. This included filming, editing and uploading the candidate manifestos to YouTube. As well social media and the ballot papers & boxes.

The hardest and most time consuming of which were the videos. Shooting on a phone I filmed each of the 17 candidates from Cornwall, getting to know them and their views.

There is something about having to talk into the camera that  suddenly increases the pressure and people get shyer which brings mistakes even though 30 seconds before hand they knew exactly what they were going to say.  As a person I feel bad and allowed people to do the video in segments and take as many tries but as the editor I immediately regretted this as I was sieving through lots of clips to create a minute long video which ran as smoothly as possible. But to those who did it in a single take I was extremely grateful.

I had to quickly learn how to edit and export videos in the correct format for YouTube. I’ve used adobe CC Photoshop, Illustartaor and Indesign but when it came to Premiere I was slightly confused. The fact that I turned to YouTube to learn how to create my YouTube videos was slightly amusing to me but is a great visual way of learning things.

Throughout this process I did learn a lot about the editing process some from YouTube tutorials but mostly observing the behavior of the video as I made the changes I wanted. Such as changes in expression, to much movement and peaks in the audio made editing much harder as where I cut out parts and play it back there would be a jump to the next clip and it didn’t run as smoothly. However for my first time I think I did pretty well with the highest viewed video currently at 235 views.

– Keira



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