Our Impact

Our Impact

As a B Corp, there is a legal obligation to report on the company’s impact on people and planet.


Beyond this, there is a positive power in impact reporting which enables B Corps to:

  • Be transparent and accountable to their stakeholders (anyone with a vested interest in the company and on whom the success of the business depends) about the social and environmental impact you are creating and planning.
  • Showcase that beneficial impact is possible, and inform the wider community about best practices for achieving it.
  • Encourage an open conversation between companies, stakeholders and investors.
  • Help build the business case for responsible business by making data and case studies widely available.

As a business we believe that our impacts on people and the planet are just as important as financial performance, and that it is important to share these. An annual impact report is a public document that shows that it is possible to do good whilst doing good business, and shares how it has been achieved.

It demonstrates our commitment to transparency and to being accountable to all of our stakeholders rather than just shareholders for our social and environmental impact, past and planned.

To find our latest impact report click here.

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