Bosinver Farm Cottages offer luxury self-catering holidays in Cornwall for kids aged 0-90. Leap were asked to co-journey with Bosinver from the already amazing to the extraordinary and continue to innovate with the Bosinver team within the tourism industry.

Set in an adventurous wonderland surrounded by fields and forest, Bosinver stands out as the location for families heading to Cornwall seeking a fun fueled time. We approached the branding with an explorative attitude basing the design elements around an approachable welcoming appearance, making sure the illustrations and imagery appealed to children, all the way up to grandparents. Creating a visual story akin to those parents read to their children. We wanted to reflect Bosinvers qualities as a fairy tale experience not just holiday location. Capturing the sense of wildness and the surrounding nature was key in reflecting what Bosinver offers with it’s unique and awesome properties / holiday experiences.

Since starting our ongoing relationship with Bosinver we are proud to say the business has gone on to win numerous awards, one of those being the England Award for Excellence.

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