Hand-crafted cases for iphones, made from the most beautiful salvaged woods. 100% Made in Canada.

Knottycase is a dynamic two-man team, consisting of the Hundert brothers: Joey and Josh. They started Knottycase as a solution for a gap in the iphone case market. Specifically, they wanted to join the growing market for iphone cases that were aiming for sustainability and environmental balance.

After getting to know each other via Skype, the relationship between Knottycase & Leap strengthened to the point where we were commissioned to create a striking, adaptable brand that fitted their market place and could be used on print / web and even laser engraved into the iphone cases.

From the start we knew the direction, and the sketch made on the first skype meeting formed the thought process using map topography (where the trees are found), which also represented the grain of the wood (the actual product) and a fingerprint representative of individuality and touch.

The supporting promotional material, packaging and graphical language exudes environmental thinking, made and produced from 100% recycled stocks; the perfect complement to this exciting new product and company.

Leap was chosen for this project as a result of our good design reputation, commitment to the environment, and shared values. We loved the product and saw its potential.

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