Sadly, all too often the UK’s beautiful beaches resemble ‘marine litter disaster zones’, strewn with ‘landslides of litter’ after busy days on summer heatwaves and ’tidal waves of trash’ following winter storms. We believe that the marine litter crisis needs even more urgent action and we’re encouraging more communities to become part of the emergency response team. Leap’s task was to help SAS expand their nationwide eco warrior representatives by 50+ recruits and help increase the amount of Beach Cleans up and down the UK.


Commissioned by SAS to develop the new regional reps and beach clean box brand, we set out to develop the best possible brand and assets to aid in the nationwide campaign. Beach Clean Boxes are specialist beach protection kits, easy to use they are accessible for all and available for the whole community to use. Managed by SAS’s network of highly trained Regional Reps, we made sure the brands can both exist as a single brand separate from the other but also have combinative possibilities. Clarity, durable and modern with a sprinkle of utilitarian aesthetics was the styling for the project. Walking the line between useful and restraint but not becoming overly sterile, we like our projects to have personality!

Beach cleans make a real and noticeable difference to the health of our beach, wider marine environment and the people and wildlife that live within it. The tireless army of volunteers who lead them set an incredibly positive and powerful example to us all. Leap are incredibly proud to be able to be part of the SAS’s tireless efforts to make our coast a better environment.


Over the next 12 months the Beach Clean Boxes will be used to;

Deliver 1500 Beach Cleans.

Remove 75 TONNES of marine litter.

Empower 15,000 beach clean volunteers.

Collect vital marine litter data to help scientists further understand the extent of the marine litter crisis.

Produce evidence that will enable policy makers to make informed decisions and create stronger legislation that tackles litter at source.

Inspire community action to stop the flow of plastic pollution to our beaches.

Help in Surfers Against Sewage’s bid to reduce marine litter by 50% by 2020.


If you would like to personally get involved with beach cleans or become a regional rep please check out:

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