Cornucopia, 16 months later

Over the last 16 months until August 2017 Leap has been involved in project managing, directing and building the branding for the revitalisation of the Cornish Market World site in St Austelll Bay as part of an over all re-invigoration of the various businesses there, from family activities of Kidzworld to the food hall and live events future WMC Retail have been planning over the last few years. We’ve created an easy to use brand that multiple partner organisations can tap into and use throughout the build works with ease, during and after we’ve handed over the brand assets.

Taken from the Latin for ‘horn of plenty’ the name Cornucopia represents abundance and nourishment - the perfect analogy for Cornwall’s famous produce. Come taste a world where the iconic Cornish Pasty sits alongside artisan wines, local spirits and beers, incredible seafood and wonderful fresh foods and sitting alongside the wonderful newest Sam’s restaurant Sam’s Diner.

Thanks Leap - your branding is a huge part of our message. Pleasure working with you & your fab team ⚡️

— Cornucopia Cornwall (@cornucopia2017) 15 August 2017


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