From public toilet to one of the best coffee spots in Cornwall

This all started with a phone call from Simon Stallard of the Hidden Hut who we’ve worked with a number of times.  Always very creative, always last minute and always good fun with super results!  Simon said to me… “Matt, could you meet me in a public toilet in Portscatho? I need to discuss something with you…” 24 hours later with only slightly raised eyebrows and we’re on a public toilet stroke building site that Simon had purchased. Simon then asked if Leap could do branding, signage, design for print and web for the site that he’d like to be open in under 5 weeks!

Not a problem for our team though.  Simon gave us a set budget for everything (excluding print which was paid on top) and once knowing the route we would take, the rest is history.  Tatam’s is the sister of The Hidden Hut, just above Tatam’s beach at the heart of Portscatho. They offer proper ‘barista style coffee’ and a wide range of cakes and pastries, including savoury and gluten free options.  During the winter months they offer Stonebaked pizzas (we also did the identity for Stonebaked) during weekend evenings and they have also been known to offer mid-week specialty nights such as Spice Night. 

We love small, fast projects equally as the bigger, longer projects. Whether they change the world… or change a location.


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