Life as an apprentice (Responsibility) - Post 14

Responsibility. A hefty word really but one which is thrown around a lot.

As a kid you want it and as an adult you’re given it with little choice. Some people thrive in it and others languish it but it’s part of growing up.  

Yes, when you’re young being told no you can’t have a puppy because you’re not responsible enough yet is heart-breaking. And thus you try to become more responsible. Unfortunately there is no real line between irresponsible and responsible which you can just cross. There are many components that are picked up through life.

I'd like to think that I am responsible but I still haven’t got a puppy. So maybe not as much as I think (although I suppose this could be down to the fact that I have a cat and well they don’t tend to mix well).

Being responsible doesn’t mean just taking on things and being held accountable for it’s success or failure. It’s about having authority, being able to make independent decisions and the ability to head up a project. As an apprentice I am lucky to have this and not be micromanaged. Instead it’s more of a collaboration making decisions on my own as well as with the rest of the team depending on the size, risk and sensitivity of these decisions. However even though I have this responsibility it’s important to act within my own ability and skill level. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t challenge myself but maybe don't start out with a high risk job. Stepping back and watching others take on something is just as important and next time you’ll have the knowledge to tackle it.

And whilst I sit back and wait for my puppy I have plenty of pictures like this on my camera roll, so join me in staring at it for the next 30 seconds. (Post 15)

- Keira


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