Life as an apprentice (Results) - Post 13

Half the work of an apprentice is the college work. Completing exams and assignments to be graded as well as gathering feedback and evidence for our e-portfolios.

I’ve never been the type of person to focus on a grade or percentage. I believe it is better to do your best and be proud of what you achieve but there are always certain milestones you’re constantly reminded of and have to hit to pass so I can’t completely disregard this.

To date I’ve completed 2 exams and 8 assignments consisting of 18,067 words and counting which is a crazy amount when I think about it ,but there’s still a lot more to do before reaching the end goal, getting the technical certificate in principles of marketing and Level 3 Marketing NVQ. My assignments vary from looking at a marketing strategy to SEO. These then get marked as a pass or fail with a percentage rather than an Actual grade. Although I would much rather get an actual grade like at GCSE and A Level.  As far as results go I think I’ve started off pretty well with my first assignments getting 76%, 72% and 100% but hopefully by the time your reading this these have improved with the revisions I made. Getting these first set of results back is probably the most helpful as they indicate where I am instead of me thinking where I think I might be. And well so far I haven’t failed anything so I must be on the right track.

With the exams you have to get at least 60% to pass and Like most people I’m not a fan of them. Luckily these weren’t too long and I got them out of the way pretty quickly with passes of 81% and 82%. These included questions around employee rights and responsibilities and the legal, regulatory and ethical requirements in sales and marketing. Which to be honest was right up my street as for some reason I’ve always been fascinated with legalities. (Post 14)

- Keira


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