What Are The Different Types of SSL Certificates?

Leap can assist you with the purchase and install of your SSL depending on whichever is needed for your business. The most common and likely SSL you would need is a standard single SSL which is also the cheapest.  This will cover people reaching your domain both directly [your-domain.com] and through www. [www.your-domain.com], others are multi-domain which cover a number of domains of your choice and a wildcard which covers your domain as well as any subdomain you may have [example.your-domain.com]. There are also separate levels of validation; DV, OV & EV

DV (Domain Validated) - This is the easiest SSL to get and set up, you can simply validate this certificate with your domain name, this is also the most cost effective SSL.

OV (Organization Validated) - OV certificates require more validation than DV certificates, but provide more trust. For this type, your business will need to be verified for you to get the certificate . The organisation’s name is also listed in the certificate, giving added trust that both the website and the company are reputable. OVs are usually used by corporations, governments and other entities that want to provide an extra layer of confidence to their visitors.

EV (Extended Validation) - EV provide the maximum amount of trust to visitors, and also require the most amount of work to validate. Per guidelines, extra documentation must be provided to issue an EV certificate. As in the OV, the EV lists the company name in the certificate itself, However, a fully validated EV certificate will also show the name of the company or organisation in the address bar itself, and the address bar is displayed in green. This is an immediate, visual way that viewers can know that extra steps were taken to confirm the site they’re visiting.


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