Showcase: Bohemian Folk’s simple, slow fashion

using natural dyes in the bohemian folk process

Bohemian Folk have been in the business of slow fashion before it was fashionable. Founder Leslie Navia set up shop back in 2012 with nothing more than a far-fetched dream, an old dye tub and a trusty sewing machine, and since then has grown a brand, a team, and a movement. They produce seasonal limited-run garments inspired by the elements of earth, sun, and rain, using natural fabrics and dyes and made entirely by hand in the USA. These days, talking about sustainability and putting it at the front and centre of your brand doesn’t have to dictate the brand aesthetic and can be sophisticated and stylish.

Leap has been working with Bohemian Folk for the last 6 or 7 years, and most recently we overhauled the brand’s website, delivering a sophisticated and impactful new site and ecommerce platform. The old website wasn’t representative of what Bohemian Folk had developed into, and the ecommerce store had become old and wasn’t as user friendly as it could have been. We set to work to restyle the website, stripping it back and honing in on the great photography and making Bohemian Folk’s slow, simple and beautiful process the hero.

We worked on the user experience of the new site, and designed a clean, modern site inspired by “California simple” rather than “green expectedness”. Bohemian Folk’s photography takes centre stage and the e-commerce shop has been streamlined and simplified.

Within the first three days after the site going live it had generated 30% of the previous year’s sales and 40% of the previous year’s income, with the average basket value up by 31%. That’s the difference that refreshing a website can have to a business’ bottom line. And, with the new site’s carbon footprint weighing in at just 0.72g of CO2e per page view it’s cleaner than 59% of web pages tested, so lighter on the planet, too.