Pasties and Petticoats

As you know I was 100% happy with the service you guys provided - you went above and beyond the call of duty and have always sorted out any issues super quickly. You gave great, realistic advice, even on stuff like advertising.

By the end of year 1, from relaunch in January 2016 to January 2017, I had recouped the costs of my investment. Given that this was a new business I was really pleased to have broken even in my first year, and am already well into profit as I near the end of my first quarter of year.

You really can't underestimate the value of professional design and a properly built website, it's made a huge difference to Pasties & Petticoats not just in how it looks, but in my own confidence in my business. My website *is* my business, so it needs to be great!

Donna Sharpe, Owner, Pasties and Petticoats


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