Purpose and Story


Move over brand – Let’s talk purpose

At Leap, our ‘why’ or purpose is simple. We want creativity and design to make the world a better place – it’s at the heart of everything we do –  the ideas we spark, the conversations we begin and the change we design.

That’s our reason to get out of bed in the morning – so what’s yours?

Our clever team of brand gurus, creative writers and communications experts can help your brand to reach a whole new level of awesomeness.

We help you to rediscover the extraordinary in your ‘why’ and tell your story so the world sits up and listens – for all the right reasons.

Defining your individual or business purpose differentiates your uniqueness – the essence that competitors can’t replicate. It’s a financial, social and environmental force that allows businesses to do good in the world – for people, profit and planet.

With purpose as your compass, you’ll find the energy and inspiration to go further, faster, better.

We can help with that

Purpose Strategy 

Facilitated brand workshops and consultancy to help you through the journey of becoming a purpose-led business, from discovery to communication, implementation – embedding purpose throughout your business from product to people, values and culture, find out more here.

Purpose-driven brand and marketing 

We transform content and copywriting into the magic of story so that you can be extraordinary in the way you communicate your purpose to the world, find out more here.

We help you to turn your vision and values into a strategy you can roll out across your business – ensuring everyone is involved in your journey.

Story and film

To bring your brand to life we develop your narrative in to  storyboard impact campaigns that will engage your audience with the emotion of your purpose. Hairs standing on end kind of stuff. Whether that means creating a short film to move your audience to tears, or disruptive prose that stops them in their tracks, from gritty and pulse-racing to ethereal and uplifting, we take your audience on a sensory journey to discover your purpose and align their values with your brand.

Innovation and development workshops 

If you’re looking to re-energise your product offering, our purpose-led product discovery, workshops enable you and your team to translate purpose into innovation. Getting back to your ‘why’ in what that looks like in your product or service  – we facilitate collaborations between your team, creative thinkers and designers, and product design experts for lively innovation hacks where creative energy has no bounds and new ideas are born free.

Talk to one of the team to start your purpose and story journey today.