Purpose Strategy


Finding Purpose

We help you to start your journey to become purpose-led with a ‘discovery’ phase. This means working with you to gain key insights in to your current culture, values and way of working. We discover what makes you who you are as an individual, a business leader, a team and an organisation. We talk to the people – whether that’s everyone, one person or a team who can inform what social, financial, cultural and environmental needs your business can and should meet.

leap workshopCommunicating Purpose

This is the engagement stage where we have a better idea of who you are, what you want to be and what needs you want to from workshops with senior teams and decision makers to wider Openspace company-wide workshops, we encourage the right level of collaboration and co-design to develop your purpose statement or manifesto so that you have a defined foundation of purpose from which to build out strategy, ways of working and communications with your external audiences.

Clare purpose driven workshopImplementing Purpose

This is the hard work and persistence bit. Really walking the talk beyond the good intentions – this is where your purpose becomes an enabler for you to make a difference. By integrating your purpose with business activity, behaviour and the overall experience of your teams, stakeholders and customers.

Giving your purpose a place in the strategy behind your decision making is essential so that everything you do starts with your ‘why’ – from how you recruit staff to new product development and if it doesn’t then it’s time to question why you’re doing it in the first place

core values worksheetEmbedding Purpose

Once you’ve implemented purpose in your processes, decisions and strategy, the final step is to embed purpose deeper in to the heart of your values and culture so that teams and stakeholders become ambassadors, demonstrating purpose in their ways of working. This legacy step sees purpose move in to relationships, communications and behaviours for lasting change that is passed on through cultural sharing. When purpose is truly embedded in your culture, your advocates will follow