Search Engine Optimisation

People searching for your business will use a variety of key phrases to find it on Google.  Some key phrases will be used more than others, and it’s these that you want to rank for in order to drive more and more custom to your door.

Our SEO audit and Roadmap identifies what people are searching for, and where you can realistically rank well against the competition.  It then talks you through all of the things that you need to do on your site in order to increase your rankings for the best and most appropriate key phrases.

Once we’ve finished looking at your site itself we’ll explain things that you can do away from your website; this will include elements such as gaining links from other sites and how you can enhance your social media to further boost your rankings.

We know that life won’t stop once you’ve completed the actions in the SEO document so it’s designed not only to give you a boost within the first few months of implementation, but also provide you with the skills and confidence to know whether or not what you’re doing is going to help you rank higher in the future.

The best of both worlds; learn and understand more about SEO and how you can use it to support your business, whilst also ranking higher in Google!

Once the Audit document is supplied we are able to carry out the actions ourselves if you would like us to for an additional fee.  Giving it a go yourself? We provide telephone support if you come a cropper.

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