Tilda Rice impact report

Tilda / Communicating impact for a leading rice brand

The Brief

Rice is a crucial food staple but it also can be a big contributor to climate change. Tilda’s ambition is to be one of the most responsible rice producers in the world by adopting sustainable farming techniques and communicating honestly and transparently about impact.

Our brief was to bring to life Tilda’s sustainability journey and build and execute a communications strategy to engage audiences across multiple platforms.

Our Solution

We partnered with Tilda to produce their second annual impact report (we did their first one too!) as well as moving and static social assets. Our approach was to consider Tilda’s different audiences, creating engaging content for all – from those more closely connected with the industry and sustainability, through to more passive consumers who may not be.

The report takes a deep dive into areas such as working with farmers, sourcing, manufacturing, community, and packaging. We worked closely with the Tilda team to deliver a visual style that balanced the vibrancy of the core brand identity with the more serious tone of the content, and developed bespoke elements such as illustrations and infographics. As with all projects at Leap we considered sustainability at every step of the process and the report was printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable based inks.

The communication strategy included long form B2B content alongside bitesized snapshots suitable for instagram. We pulled out key highlights from the report, and made impact proof points more palatable by pairing them with interesting facts. We wrote, designed and produced two informative animated films that brought to life complex subjects by making them more human.

Tilda Rice impact report
Tilda Rice iconography
Tilda Rice socials
Tilda Rice workers
Tilda Rice energy breakdown
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