Cutting through all the PR bullshit

Don’t Cry Wolf never bluff, something that seems to be scarce in the world of London PR.  They’re refreshingly honest, and they exist to help their clients to communicate honestly too.  Because, “people trust people who tell the truth.” 

We designed and developed Don’t Cry Wolf’s website (we host it, too), also creating animations and illustrated graphics to compliment their brand aesthetic and no bullshit tone of voice, designed a logo for their podcast and designed printed assets for them such as their credibility document.


Don’t Cry Wolf are able to offer a design capability to their clients through Leap. This includes up-skilling of Don’t Cry Wolf’s team, so they can discuss design opportunities in campaigns.


Sustainably hosted website with less than half the carbon footprint of an average website, all generated by the end user, that can be offset by planting one tree per year.


110% increase in website traffic in 6 months from launch.111 phone calls, 17 e-mail and 120 appointment enquiries generated in 6 months from launch.

“Since day one, I have been trouser wettingly excited about this partnership with Leap.”

John Brown, Founder and CEO