Helping find your inner champion

Client: Uomo D’oro

A luxury sneaker label that helps men find their inner champion, Uomo D’oro (“Man of Gold” in Italian) design and make high-end footwear and donate 10% of their profits to Youth Guidance’s life-changing 2-year Becoming A Man® programme. The brand challenges the expectation for luxury and high-end fashion brands to be inherently wasteful and have a little social conscience.

We were proud to partner with a brand bucking the trend in a traditionally wasteful industry. Leap created Uomo D’oro’s brand identity and art directed the supporting products and brand assets, creating a uniform brand aesthetic that infused purpose into every step. We designed the brand’s lookbook, directed the digital journey and consulted on the packaging and the consumer’s experience.

The Impact


10% of profits donated to Youth Guidance’s Becoming A Man® programme.


For every 1100 pairs sold, a new public school will receive the life-changing benefits of the BAM program.


Creation of a conscious focussed product that challenged the high fashion industry.

Thank you and your team for really hustling. I really appreciate it. Hard to find people like you. Thanks again.

Derek Viveiros

Founder – Uomo D’oro

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