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Mosa / Securing a cyclist-first future

The Brief

Mosa is an innovative cycle-tech startup with big ambitions. Their smart docks are installed on existing bike racks and riders can use them for free via the Mosa Rider app. This eliminates the need to carry around heavy locks and makes it easier to choose two wheels over four. They came to us with a game-changing product but needed a brand to match as they moved the business from research and development into securing investment for a full scale market launch.

Our Solution

With several keen cyclists in the Leap crew, we share their belief that cyclists have the power to transform cities into cleaner, greener, safer and healthier places – better for communities and better for the planet.

We partnered with Mosa to bring their vision to life with a vibrant and flexible brand that puts community and optimism at the heart of the story.

The first step was to help them gain clarity and build a solid strategic foundation for the brand to stand on. This involved refining their values as a company and articulating their brand narrative – the story of the brand, their ‘why’ and who they are. The design system features urgent high-vis yellow, soft rounded typography, and candid portrait photography that combine to create an authentic identity that aims to;

  • help accelerate cities towards a community-based and net-zero future by removing barriers and making it easier for people to choose cycling as a mode of transport. To change the fabric of cities in favour of everyday cycling. Celebrating the positive effects of bike riding on people, the community, and the environment.
  • create an inclusive brand that radiates positivity and warmth, inviting the community in with a bold, playful, and authentic aesthetic. This approach aims to disrupt the jungle of impersonal, blocky, and rigid brands dominating the security sector and make people feel part of something.
  • serve as a springboard propelling the brand forward as it grows through funding rounds and eventual full-scale market launch.


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The impact

Mosa have developed an exciting product and their new brand identity will support them in executing their vision and mission to secure a cyclist-first future.

Pilot schemes in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Cambridge, and Tel Aviv

Successful continuing funding cycle

The urban cycling companion Mosa Rider app launched

Incentives for employers and site owners to facilitate bike commuting

It is an absolute honour to work with Leap. They have been instrumental in helping us sharpen our brand, translate our vision into beautiful visuals, and infuse our brand with our passion for sustainable transport. It’s clear that they truly understand our mission and are dedicated to helping us achieve it. We couldn’t be happier with the work they have done for us so far.
Josh Liu, Mosa Founder

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