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UK Space Agency / Space For Everyone: Inspiring and diversifying the next generation of space professionals

The Brief

The UK Space Agency want to excite the next generation about the possibilities within the growing space sector. In the summer of 2023 they toured 13 locations across the UK with a 72ft model rocket to shed light on the role that space plays in enhancing life on Earth and opening space opportunities up to new communities. They needed a visual identity that would get people excited—including people who don’t tend to engage with STEM topics.

Our Solution

The future of the space industry requires people from all backgrounds. So, the tour look and feel had to pique the interest of people who might think the space space is not for them. Friends at Halo commissioned LEAP to create the visual branding and bring the tour to life.

The design which included event branding, digital animations and social assets, signage, building wraps, as well as merch, is bold and playful. As always, using the lowest impact sustainable materials available.

We drew inspiration from classroom doodles and fun, vibrant typography reminiscent of daydream scribbles in the margin of a school workbook rather than overly polished corporate diagrams that can (wrongly) make STEM subjects appear dry. We wanted to match the exciting out-of-this-world-ness of space with the imagination and energy that young people bring. Space is full of wonder and we all felt that should be reflected in the work.

The Impact

Space for Everyone achieved remarkable success, attracting a total of 105,705 visitors, with an additional 47,600 people exploring the online tour site, and almost 9,000 people tuning into the online broadcast. 93% of attendees reported an improvement in their understanding of the diverse career opportunities within the UK space industry.

Besides individual participants, Space for Everyone also welcomed 130 school, youth, and community organisations.

100K+ in person visitors

47k+ online tour visitors

9k online broadcast attendees

The Space for Everyone tour has achieved phenomenal success, engaging over 160,000 young people about the exciting opportunities in the UK’s fast-growing space sector and highlighting the wide variety of opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds and skill sets.
Matt Archer, UK Space Agency Director of Launch

Our Space For Everyone tour is an exciting opportunity for our next generation to see first-hand what it is really like to work in the space sector and to learn about careers in this growing and exciting industry. (…) There are a host of skills and talents needed to bring space closer to our daily lives and improve our understanding of this critical part of the environment for the benefit of the planet and its people.
Ian Annett, Deputy CEO at the UK Space Agency

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