Bruichladdich Distillery / Wee drams, big impact

The Brief

The future success of a brand relies not only on its product quality but also on effective, progressive values and the purpose strategy that communicates them to consumers. Bruichladdich, a renowned distillery and whiskey brand, recognises the importance of sustainability and sought Leap’s expertise to power up their messaging and communicate their achievements through annual impact reports and supporting social content.

Our Solution

By aligning the brand’s visual identity with its sustainability values, Leap helped create a consistent and compelling narrative for its annual impact report as well as social content around it. Incorporating the brand’s new guidelines that were being updated alongside the reports, we expanded rules and guidance to reflect the new types of sustainability content. By presenting comprehensive information in a visually appealing and accessible way, the report instilled confidence in consumers and demonstrated Bruichladdich’s commitment to sustainability in a simple and appealing format.

By combining new creative design elements like infographics, charts, and icons, we ensured that the visual outcomes did both the data and the brand justice.

Alongside visual execution, we helped Bruichladdich structure their impact communications. We devised a strategic roadmap across long and short form media to allow for purpose-led impact points to be communicated effectively — no matter how light-touch or deep-dive a potential consumer wanted to go into the company’s purpose — beyond product.


By expanding Bruichladdich’s sustainability communications, creating visually captivating infographics, and enhancing transparency, Leap helped Bruichladdich showcase its commitment to positive change. This is the right thing to do and also aims to strengthen consumer trust, attract environmentally conscious consumers, differentiate the brand from competitors, and ultimately drive sales. Through effective design and communication strategies, Bruichladdich exemplifies how a well-designed impact report can be a powerful tool for sustainability conscious brands seeking to thrive in a competitive market.

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