Before starting at Leap the phrase ‘business for good’ wasn’t something I was familiar with.

What makes a business good? And what is a business that does good?

For me as graduate, stepping into the role at Leap with the support of Unlocking Potential was an eye-opener; it was the first business that I had worked in that included sustainability into every aspect of the business.

But it’s more than that. We’re a studio that not only consider’s the planet, but also the people – be it staff, clients, the community – and how to make a profit whilst considering all these factors. Being a business that does good is about looking at the bigger picture and realising that it is possible to make big changes through small actions, as we say at Leap work locally, profit globally.

Why do I think Leap is a business that does good?

First and foremost the business looks after it’s own, taking the teams wellbeing into account whole heartedly with paid volunteer days, quarterly profit shares, self-management, remote working, as well teaming up with the likes of Unlocking Potential who have personally helped my transition into the business a positive experience and are continuing to support my development and growth in business with the likes of funding and mentoring from industry experts.

In terms of work at the studio, we pride ourselves on being a mission-driven business that finds purpose with every project. Whether collaborating with a charity, those in the public sector or a local Cornish business, using our design skills as tools for change, we find fresh, innovative ways to create unique, eco-friendly collaborations – from eco-printing on recyclable materials (car tyres, and beer mats have been popular finds) to greening up clients websites with our carbon-neutral hosting (seriously cutting down on those co2 emissons).

Making connections with other ‘do good’ businesses

As a certified B Corporation business, last week Matt and I attended this year’s annual B Together retreat, hosted at the stunning surroundings of West Lexham. In total, around 100 B Corpers attended with the likes of Toast AlePukka HerbsSimply BusinessOssaRebel Kitchen and many more inspiring businesses all uniting together.

Over the few days we connected, challenged and celebrated what it meant to reinvent business by action planning, talking to each other and finding ways to collaborate for positive change. We heard from a number of B Corpers who each shared their stories of why they became a B Corp and how B Corp has changed their business (including talks from Matt and fellow Cornish B Corper Tom Kaye from Finisterre). The incredible B Lab UK team hosted workshops and held thought-provoking discussions around the B movement. A highlight of the event, for me personally – was listening to the words of special guest John Elkington, the man behind the triple bottom line, author, serial entrepreneur (the list goes on), a true legend in corporate responsibility and sustainable development.

It was a real honour to attend the B Together retreat, may we continue building those relationships and action collaborations with fellow B Corpers, and those who are interested in the community, from across the UK and further a field.

Thank you Leap. Thank you Unlocking Potential. Thank you B Corp for introducing me to a truly life-changing mindset that anyone can ‘B The Change’.

Now lets end this post with a few snaps from last week’s B Together retreat – enjoy!

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