A creative trip to Bath and Bristol

At the start of May Becca and Claire from the Leap studio took a trip to Bristol and Bath to visit other Design studios.

With Becca moving into the Studio Manager role at Leap, and Claire heading up Finance, it was a chance to visit similar businesses to ours.

Mytton Williams, a similar sized studio to ours based in Bath, and Proctor & Stevenson a much larger with over 70 employees, based in Bristol were both kind enough to let us come in and chat about all things process and studio.

With a large contrast in studio size and team members, it was great to see the similarities and differences between them.

Not only was the trip informative but visually we loved seeing the other studio environments as well.

Mytton Willams had a great collection of type on their wall which we loved!

And it was great to see and learn the thinking behind the appearance and layout of the Proctor building, from an eco perspective.

This was not only a really great experience, but also really refreshing for us to step out of our own studio and visit other studios like ours. They shared lots of their processes with us, and hopefully, we can bring this back into our studio.

We look forward to further conversations moving forward with both agencies and excited and positive for the time ahead.

Big thanks to Bob, Hannah and Jo at Mytton Williams and Roger, Mike and Nikki at Proctor & Stevenson, for taking the time to speak to us and show us around their studios.