Climate Strike 2019: together as a team

On Friday September 20th 2019 students and young people across the UK took to the streets as part of the Global Youth Climate Strike and demand urgent action from the world’s leaders to address the climate crisis. Between September 20th-27th a record 7.6 million people around the world took part in the biggest climate mobilisation in history. Leap supported these actions and the team here were offered the opportunity to spend the day supporting some form of climate activism. The result was that we all proudly joined rallies and marches in both Truro and London.

global climate strike rally in truro cornwall 20/09/2019

“The turn out was amazing. The students and youth igniting passions and demanding real action was genuinely moving, but care must also be taken to understand the privilege of the moment; there are places in the world where peaceful protest borders on unlawful behaviour and, in some cases, is illegal and punishable. We must utilise our freedoms (and skills) to make change, to not only speak for ourselves but for those that cannot do so for themselves. Never has action been so crucial – for our immediate future, for young people across the globe, and for the generations yet to come.

Whatever your thoughts are on the actions of September 20th, please remember it as a milestone for Leap as our first group protest! We fulfilled our responsibility to show unity and align ourselves with beneficial, sustainable change 🙂

-Nath (Senior Creative)

globaly youth climate strike 20th september 2019 london

“It was amazing to be a part of the peaceful, vibrant #youthclimatestrike in London after the launch of @bizdeclares that morning at 8.15. I was in Moorgate with fellow business leaders and B Corps to hear from Ecotricity, People Tree, Tribe Capital, Bates Wells, Volans, Body Shop and others, before we took to the streets to join the march.

The sheer people-fuelled common-ground energy for change was palpable. It was a mix of celebration combined with a need to participate; to take a stand and be part of what I hope is one of the great moments of our time. It’s prompting a people-powered shift in consciousness to coexist and enhance our natural world for its prosperity, and in doing so protect humanity. After all, we know that the planet can go on living and evolving without us, however we can’t live on a planet that’s on fire. Now is beyond time for people from all walks of life to do something, small to large, to shift yourself, who you work with, how you buy, how you move, how you eat, to challenge, engage, collaborate, and be more involved. If you are stuck then talk to us – we might not know the answers but we have some ideas, and we believe in interdependence. In the words of two prophets of future and wisdom, be excellent to each other. Well done to all who took the time to be involved.”

-Matt (Founder)


global climate strike rally in truro cornwall 20/09/2019

“It was great to see so many people turn up to the event. Although at Leap we focus on being sustainable it can often feel like you’re in a bubble, so it was great to see so many others pushing for the cause.”

– Corey

global climate strike rally in truro cornwall 20/09/2019

The media covers what they consider to be disruptive, or “hippy” elements of the movement, in order to undermine the cause, but it was amazing to see such a well organised and peaceful event in Truro, the real story of the #youthclimatestrike! Well done the Cornish youths, great to see them taking action!

– Ian