Designing For Change: MyPlasticDiary

social graphics by leap for my plastic diary

MyPlasticDiary is an exciting new app that will help people reduce their plastic footprint. Created by a small self-funded start-up, this simple and easy to use app allows users to track their plastic and measure and understand their footprint.  The team’s ambitious vision is to challenge and disrupt the current online shopping experience and provide consumers with the opportunity to make a conscious plastic-free choices whilst making purchases.  Despite its simplicity, the app represents merely the first step in an ambitious programme to raise people’s awareness of their plastic footprint and give them the motivation and means to create less plastic waste.

Using MyPlasticDiary app, you can record your plastic daily, set goals, get virtual awards and share them with friends on Instagram and Facebook. It is easy as 1-2-3. Log your plastic and see how by making yourself aware of your plastic footprint and measuring it on weekly basis you are inspired to make small steps towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. The team behind the app is targeting early adopters with this version: those who have already started on their plastic free journey and who will inspire those around them. The next version of the app will be targeting integration with major supermarkets’ shopping platforms. This will make logging of plastic a lot more automated and more appealing to the wider general public.  Think of MyPlasticDiary as a future Fitbit of the Plastic-Free movement. By making one’s personal plastic footprint information easily available, MyPlasticDiary team aim to make a major contribution towards making our society more sustainable and protecting the environment.

The goal of this project is to boost the app market launch and stimulate user acquisition. Great visuals backing their FB campaign will help MyPlasticDiary to engage with their existing audience, attract new followers, and encourage them to download the app.

Leap’s brief was to create an engaging social campaign to drive app downloads and develop a clear brand identitiy that would appeal to potential users and leading figures and influencers within the plastic free movement.

“As a start up it’s always a challenge to ensure best use of budget, so we worked closely with the MyPlasticDiary team to make sure they would get the best return on their investment.  The short-term objective was to drive people to download the app and get user feedback to help support the long-term strategy.  Animation is the most effective way of engaging people across social media, so we guided them towards this strategy.  As there were time and budget constraints we had to use existing assets from the app and then developed simple illustrative icons to complement them and increased the vibrancy of the colours to help the visuals jump off the screen and stand-out in people’s feeds.”

Simon Thomason – Managing Director, Leap

“Leap is more than a fantastic design team. They are a respected voice in the sustainability conversation. Their design work has really blown us away and their advice was priceless.”

Alex Zilber – Co-Founder at MyPlasticDiary

In the current release, the MyPlasticDiary app is available for everyone in the UK and worldwide for iOS and Android users.

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