Low carbon websites

Working together to reduce your digital impact

We want to have a net positive impact on the planet. That’s why we work with organisations which make a genuine difference to people’s lives. We can help to reduce the carbon impact of your business’s digital presence, directly affecting your Scope 3 emissions.

What is low carbon web development?

Low-carbon websites are designed to be as light and low-impact as possible. They should load quickly, use fewer server resources, and drain less energy from users’ devices. Powered by renewable energy or run on carbon neutral hosting, they should deliver information as efficiently as possible and be accessible to a wide range of user abilities.

What does that mean?

Performance optimised

Low-carbon websites are fast websites. So naturally, we take your web performance very seriously. It is a core element of great user experience, search, accessibility and web sustainability.

We test and monitor websites using the performance monitoring tools Calibre and GT Metrix; they ensure the changes we recommend bring about the best possible results.

Accessible front-end

We will also look at accessibility as part of the build, incorporating the latest standards for accessible code. We will review your website’s SEO needs to make sure the right mechanisms are in place, including standard meta data for search engines and social sharing.


Our proprietary WordPress platform will monitor long-term security best practices on your website. If you choose a maintenance plan, this will cover security patches, malware detection and clean up, plus more.

SEO methods as standard

During the discovery phase, we will identify key actions that you want users to take on the website or that need to be tracked. When updating the site, we will integrate your Google Analytics tracking code and configure event tracking for the key items. We take a flexible approach to create support plans for your needs and goals.

Carbon neutral hosting

We offer a range of such packages for start-ups, growing businesses, charities, bloggers and e-commerce businesses; one of them will be right for you, and our experts will help you choose the right one.

For a faster, more secure and accessible website which packs more punch with a lower carbon impact, get in touch.

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