Protect Pongo

protect pongo graphics by leap design for meridian foods

Campaign Work In Partnership With Don’t Cry Wolf For Meridian Foods

There is a massive problem with palm oil, particularly for Pongo and other orangutans whose rainforest home in Borneo has been cleared to make way for palm oil plantations. Between 1990 and 2015 an area of Indonesian rainforest roughly the size of the UK was destroyed, and with only around 100,000 Bornean orangutans remaining in the wild they are classed as a critically endangered species. Despite this, palm oil remains ubiquitous and can be found in close to 50% of packaged products sold in British supermarkets. It’s not in any of Meridian Food’s nut butters or bars though (they’re the first and only UK brand to achieve Palm Oil free certification from POFCAP).

Protect Pongo is a campaign by Meridian Foods in support of International Animal Rescue, raising awareness of problematic palm oil and of the detrimental impact deforestation is having on the orangutan species. Through the end of September and early October Pongo has been creating colourful and poignant artworks on the walls of Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and London (with a little help from artist and environmentalist Louis Masai) to mark his search for a new home.

Working with our amazing comms partners at Don’t Cry Wolf, the team here at Leap provided creative direction on how to visually communicate the Protect Pongo campaign, including the creation of digital assets for the project’s landing page (map, infographics) whilst providing our sustainability expertise on producing the supporting print material.

A significant proportion of this work was undertaken as part of our Grant For Good. We gifted studio time to the project based upon its environmental credentials and the importance of its message.

“As a team we always want to design for change. This project allowed us to put our skills to help amplify such an important message.”
Simon Thomason – Managing Director, Leap

“We are thrilled to be working with Leap on #ProtectPongo. Within a short lead time Leap created an impressive interactive landing page for the campaign and provided creative direction for the wider campaign. We would love to work with Leap again in the future”
Sue Mcintosh, Meridian Food

Photographs courtesy International Animal Rescue/Meridian Foods