Raising the bar: Leap joins the Ethical Agency Alliance

Creatives for Climate Ethical Agency Alliance banner

Alliances are good for more than winning wars. Although, some might argue we’re all at war against the collapse of life as we know it. Anyway, alliances—they are a really good way to make shit happen on a bigger scale. When Leap was born back in 2004, most people couldn’t grasp the concept of a creative agency with a DNA of sustainability. A few saw it as a niche USP perhaps. This November, nearly two decades since our inception, we proudly joined Creatives for Climate’s new Ethical Agency Alliance, alongside five other frontrunner agencies.

The alliance is made up of industry leaders walking the talk on climate action, with the goal of raising the bar and drive industry change. It’s a network to share knowledge, inspire hope, and continue to work against the fossil fuel industry. An opportunity to amplify solutions and radically collaborate to use creativity as a force for good.

“They say if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. And right now we need to go as far as possible to ignite the creative change our planet needs. Climate action can’t be a niche and Leap is incredibly excited to join the mass movement. Creatives have always been ahead of the game and now it’s time to bring people with us. Enough talk, enough buzzwords, enough empty policy and greenwashing. Let’s change the industry, empower positive change in our clients, and work together to redefine what ‘creative agency’ means.”

– Nathan Lance, Leap Creative Director

Nathan Lance, Leap creative director

Walking the Talk: Beyond Buzzwords

In an industry that loves a buzzword—even, dare we say, fluff—words are only meaningful if they are followed up with action. Joining the Ethical Agency Alliance isn’t just a checkbox, it comes with commitment. Our creative process is built on sustainable practices, ensuring our work has a positive impact, not just on the brand but on the planet as a whole.

But the truth is that it takes work. Not every agency that whacks the words ‘sustainable’ or ‘regenerative’ onto their website is following it up with meaningful action. The Ethical Agency Alliance is a coalition of people that mean business—it comes with a commitment to continued learning, collaboration and real fossil fuel divestment.

A Network of Change-makers

As creatives, we are in a position of power and influence through the work we produce for our clients. Creatives for Climate launched the alliance with an initial six forward-thinking agencies, with the aim to expand and build a global network of change-makers. We’re pooling our resources and know-how to redefine the narrative, proving that stepping up for the climate can equal success on all levels.

“We joined the alliance to support the ‘art of possible’ and action, to show how we must come out of our silos, forget our egos and work together. Because it’s the right thing to do for the future.”

– Matt Hocking, Leap Founder

Matt with co-panelists at Blue Earth Summit 2023

What It Means for Our Clients

It means we want you on board for the ride. A brand isn’t just a logo—it’s a statement. Being part of the Ethical Agency Alliance, is a commitment to actively drive progress. It’s clear that to make a real impact, we need to move forward with an inspiring vision for our planet’s future. Audiences and consumers are switched on, and we want to ensure the stories we tell for the brands we work with are ones they feel proud to be a part of.

Future-Proofing Your Success

Sustainability isn’t a trend; it’s the future. We’re developing planet-centred strategies to future-proof the success for our clients. From design to implementation and every aspect of the brand’s journey.

What’s Next?

So, now what? We recently attended the alliance launch event, which was really energising and refreshingly frank. From maintaining a hopeful focus to inclusive climate conversation and nimble solutions to persuading those in a position to make a difference. We’re ready to dive headfirst into collaborative projects and keep raising the bar for ethical creative work.

Tackling greenwashing—three of the Leap crew recently completed the Greenwash Watch programme. The European Commission found that a whopping 53.3% of environmental claims were vague, misleading or unfounded, showing the need for industry-wide upskilling when it comes to communicating around sustainability.

Bringing others with us—if your agency is interested in joining the alliance, check out the Creatives for Climate Ethical Agency Alliance page here.

It’s no secret that running an agency is hard work, and running an ethical agency is even harder. Saying no to promoting harmful clients comes with a cost, and we want to support the agencies raising the bar so that we can inspire and provoke the whole industry to do the same.”

– Lucy von Sturmer, Creatives for Climate Chairwoman

Lucy von Sturmer qoute

Hopefully, when we look back in another 20 years, the Ethical Agency Alliance will be a redundant concept as anything other than planet-centred values become unimaginable. Until then, let’s crack on.