Showcase: Redefining the value of natural capital

pages taken from Capital Coalition's Biodiversity Report

Capitals Coalition’s Natural Capital for Biodiversity Policy report

Capitals Coalition is an international not-for-profit that brings together a core group of over 380 organisations working together to redefine the value of natural, social and human capital to influence and transform decision making.

In a world where “capital” has traditionally only referenced a financial value, they are working to reform the term to its true meaning of any resource or assets that store or provide value. They believe that if we invest in natural, social or human resources (capital) then they create value.

We were briefed by Capitals Coalition to design the Natural Capital for Biodiversity Policy Report. This report is designed to inform leaders, policymakers and decision makers, and demonstrates how natural capital approaches can help to mainstream biodiversity into all decisions taken by business, financial institutions and governments. It highlights best practice and encourages governments around the world to share their learnings and drive the redefinition of value.

Capitals Coalition have recently undergone a significant website redesign which included updates to their brand identity. They also have a number of existing assets that follow their previous brand style. They wanted to marry the designs of existing assets with the new brand, to provide a refresh for forthcoming and future assets but not drastically age previous reports.
The key objective for this new report design was to establish a refreshed look and feel that elevated the design of the biodiversity report and that can be carried forward into a suite of reports that sit underneath the Capitals Coalition brand umbrella. This is part of an ongoing working relationship that will see us developing their brand guidelines and working on future reports to help amplify Capitals Coalition’s impact.

“We were working with reasonably dense content and therefore developed a clear hierarchy of type, along with a subtle background colour palette and full bleed images for page breaks, to help divide the content and make it impactful yet easily digestible.”
Nathan Lance, Senior Creative

“It’s an absolute delight to work with Helen and Simon, and the rest of the Leap team, as we evolve our visual identity. Their creativity, thoughtfulness and passion for the work have elevated the project far beyond what we had hoped for and helped produce a stunning, impactful report. We look forward to working with them on future projects!”
Polly Wells, Communications Officer

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