Spending a day in the future, at Boardroom2030

young person from good energy's youth board

On Tuesday April 26th 2022 we gathered with businesses and young people from Cornwall and beyond, at the iconic Eden Project, for a Boardroom 2030 activation to explore what business needs to look like in 2030 and how we get there. It was an inspiring and hopeful day.

“Listen to us, as we’ll be the ones running the businesses of the future.”
Mahnoor Kamran, Youth Board Member at Good Energy

Facilitated by Charlotte Sewell and supported by both Matt and Simon. The day consisted of interactive table discussions with young people, inspiring talk from Good Energy’s fantastic Good Future board of young advisors, a mock boardroom 2030 live event with Eden and a talk from the brilliant Alan Moore, the day proved to be as positively thought provoking as we had hoped.

“It was super exciting to hear from Good Energy’s youth board about the impact they are already having and see a mock boardroom 2030 meeting — driven by ideas and questions — in action live on stage. I had already been considering what an advisory board for Making Design Circular might look like and today opened my eyes wide to the possibilities. Of course, such a group of people should be diverse and represent different stakeholders but I hadn’t considered inviting a child or retired person to contribute — or even having a member or team representative — my brain is fizzing with ideas and I can’t wait to put them all into action and host my own boardroom 2030 activation.”
Katie Treggiden, craft, design and sustainability author and journalist

Boardroom2030 encourages businesses to prepare for the future and the challenges coming down the road by listening to the voices of young people and involving employees, customers, suppliers, and their local communities in their decision-making. If we want a beautiful and prosperous future then we must start working towards it now and involve the people who will be living and working through it.

“It was truly inspiring to see so many passionate individuals coming together to make a positive impact on our world and create a sustainable future for us all. We were in awe of author and speaker, Alan Moore, and the fresh perspectives of the young people on Good Energy’s Future Board.”
Laurence Harmer, Solve Web Media

We’d like to express our thanks to the event’s sponsors (Flexi-Hex, Origin Coffee, Consciam Limited, Truro & Penwith College, Made for Life Organics, Wild West Comms, Spaceport Cornwall and Ward Williams Associates), and say a huge thank you to everyone who showed up and took the time to imagine, be open, and share their voices and ideas.

Find out more about how to activate your own Boardroom2030 here.