UX/UI design

We design intuitive digital experiences that are a delight for the senses – easy to use and beautifully made.

UX and UI design are two peas in a pod merging aesthetics and functionality, putting the users needs and your organisation’s goals at the centre.

Design is a powerful tool. When you have a true understanding of how your audience interacts online and what they need, design can be used to solve their real world problems (and proactively anticipate what they will need next). Our design team is focused on delivering positive experiences for all involved.

User experience design (UX)

A great experience for the user is the ultimate goal for any web service project. Our integrated UX approach focuses on creating user journeys that feel intuitive and 100% frustration free.

The result is inclusive, smooth and primed for engagement.

User interface design (UI)

A good looking site not only performs better but it also acts as a shop window for your brand. We apply our extensive design know-how to craft a beautiful and effective digital brand experience. Visually enticing, easy to use and lighter for the planet.

User Testing

We want you to get great results. Taste in design is highly subjective which is why we recommend objective testing to get the best outcome. We tailor our user-testing to your project, requirements, and budget.

Design for accessibility

Just like the real world, the web should be an open place, accessible to everyone. Our design philosophy prioritises accessible design that is a joy to use for all website visitors.

Designing a greener web

If the internet was a country, it would be the world’s 7th largest polluter and emissions are set to double over the next few years. At Leap sustainability forms a core guiding principle in the design process – web very much included. We have developed techniques to dramatically reduce the emissions created by websites and these changes also lead to faster load times and a better user experience. Win win.