Website carbon audits

The website carbon audit is a great way to find out how to reduce your site’s carbon emissions. We will work out how to improve its performance, help you to prioritise the changes by importance, and advise how long each change is likely to take.

Website carbon audit services


  • A review of hosting location in comparison to target audience
  • Find out average monthly carbon emissions of the homepage as well as other pages based on your existing analytics
  • A review of site performance and accessibility
  • Review of website plugins (if applicable)
  • A list of recommendations as well as estimated time required to complete
  • Prioritised changes based on ease of implementation and overall effectiveness or reducing carbon emissions


  • Everything in basic plus
  • A full in-depth review of website code
  • Review of code elements that are unnecessary and could be removed
  • Suggestions for minifying CSS
  • Suggestions for minifying Javascript
Leap website carbon audit services


If you would like to discuss our website carbon audits and running one for your website then please get in touch.
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